The Court of the District & Sessions Judge, Kamrup, was established in the year 1920. The territorial jurisdiction of the court was extended up to erstwhile Nagaon District in the East and Dhubri District in the West. Mr. A.Merror Esquire, ICS, was the first District & Sessions Judge, Assam valley. After independence, Mr. I.Rashul became the first District & Sessions Judge, Kamrup. Presently, the territorial jurisdiction of the District is extended over Greater Guwahati only. Altogether, the establishment of the District Judge & the Chief Judicial Magistrate comprise of 24 courts manned by Judicial Officers of various grades. The other courts and offices present in the District & Sessions Judge Court Complex, Kamrup(M) are

    1. Special Judge, Assam.
    2. Court of Special Judge, Central Bureau of investigation (CBI), Guwahati.
    3. Judge, Designated Court (Terrorist And Destructive Activities (TADA)), Assam.
    4. Court & Office of the Motor Accidents Case (MAC) Tribunal No.-2 and 3.

     The other Court Complexes present in the Kamrup District are Family Court Complex, Industrial Tribunal,Labour Court, Addl. CBI Court Complex and Motor Accidents Case (MAC) Tribunal No.-1 .


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